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Oliver and Karen play with his artlings at CHOP!


Art2love is a Non-Profit Organization.

Art2love’s mission is to empower, encourage and elevate children in crisis through art – their own art. Through dedicated drawing workshops children express their inner feelings in drawings that are then made into tangible replicas they can hug and interact with. The custom, plush reproductions of the children’s art are called artlings.

Interacting with their personified feelings transforms the children from “sick child” to “normal kid” and proud artist. Art2love desires to enact this transformation in as many sick children as we can serve. 

Making choices of what to draw and how to draw it is liberating and empowering for kids who have very little voice in their current situation. Touching, holding and being able to interact with the end product gives a sense of pride and accomplishment which is extremely healing in such situations. Seeing their art come to life awakens something very powerful inside of the children and those involved – it’s magic!


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